Custom Logos

Custom Colors and Custom Painted Logos

Customize your windscreen installation with a vinyl-coated polyester color choice and a high-quality painted logo for your facility. Put your university seal, Park District emblem, event logo, tennis club team name or any other graphic on your windscreen.
Our PermaScreen 70 comes in colors that match almost any facility, logo or identity... ps-70-yellow-ad2d4893f0 yellow  ps_70_black-3c736fea03 black ps_70_dk-brown-745e0824cd brown ps_70_dk-green-67e041b093 green ps_70_gray-620bd0608c gray  ps_70_navy-85fa95e3de navy ps_70_red-727aa2add7 red ps_70_royal-blue-56af8646d2 blueps_70_tan-790d36bb4e tan ps_70_maroon-burgandy-f53adce9bc maroonps_70_us-open-blue-4c9286a7a0 us open blue

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