Permascreen Athletic Fence Screen

Versatile, Weather-Tough Vinyl Coated Polyester – 5 Year ‘No Fade’ Print Warranty

Permascreen 70

Permascreen 70 is our most popular fence screen material – a rugged vinyl coated polyester that is perfect for outdoor athletic installations like tennis and baseball.

Perfect For Printing

Permascreen 70 is the best choice for yielding expert logos and lettering for high traffic installations like athletic and events. Full color digital printing and affordable and durable direct printing available.

10 plus Colors Available

Get your choice of vibrant, UV-resistant color for your Permascreen 70 installation. Make even simple logos and lettering stand out on top of your color choice.

Permascreen Plus

Our toughest fence screen, Permascreen Plus is built to withstand the most challenging weather and usage. Permascreen Plus is a good choice for outdoor permanent installations such as baseball and tennis windscreen.

For The Most Challenging Conditions

All Court Fabrics’ Permascreen Plus is currently installed in some of the toughest climates in the country, including a recent installation in New Orleans, LA (top right.)

3 Color Choices and Print Options

Permascreen Plus is available in Blue, Black, and Green. Direct and digital print options available on Permascreen Plus material.